Environmentally friendly stretch ceilings and print walls made from 100% polyester are the most ecologically responsible choice for your renovation or new construction projects

A Better Future

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Our goal is not only to meet the highest demands of our clients, but also to take the environment into account. In terms of product selection, BINT® does not compromise: Thus, we only cooperate with manufacturers who use environmentally friendly production processes.

Thanks to a fully biological wastewater treatment plant, ozone reactors, ultrafiltration and electrocoagulation, the wastewater leaves the production cycle as clean as it comes in.

Pollutants from the exhaust air are filtered out to 99.9% with state-of-the-art air scrubbers, neutralization and activated carbon filters. In this way, we guarantee not only quality but also environmentally friendly polyester stretch ceilings and walls.

Quality guarantee

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Our manufacturer is one of the most modern and innovative in Europe. They develop and produce products according to global quality standards. With constant investments in research, development and new technologies, you can rest assured that we always use flawless products of the highest quality for your projects.

Whether you are renovating, building new or running a business: as a customer, you always come first with BINT®. You are not a number on a salesperson’s phone list. We come to you personally to discuss your wishes and to map out your project. For a literally seamless result that perfectly matches your style.

If you’d like to know more about recycling, take a look at recupel’s website.

Environmentally friendly stretch ceilings

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No demolition

We don’t have to demolish anything and your furniture just stays put. Our professionals are in and out again before you know it.

Installed quickly

We install 40m2 in 1 day. Including built-in spotlights. This saves you a lot of hours of work compared to, for example, a plasterboard ceiling.

Endless variations

There are stretch ceilings and walls for every style. From rustic to extravagant, from colorful to sober: yes we can! With the lighting or print of your choice.


Our polyester stretch ceilings are anti-static and therefore low-maintenance. They are also UV-resistant. They are dust-resistant.

Sound absorbing

We use micro-perforated fabrics and add an extra, special layer of acoustic wool for optimal sound absorption.

Personal approach

We work directly for individuals, but also with companies for both residential and commercial projects.