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Stretch Ceiling

A stretch ceiling is a synthetic fabric (consisting of polyester or pvc) that has been treated with a special coating. It is installed under an existing ceiling, making it disappear completely from view. Using system profiles, which are attached to the walls, this cloth is stretched (hence the name stretch ceiling). This gives you a completely new ceiling that cannot be distinguished from an "ordinary" plasterboard ceiling.

Besides the method of tensioning, there are other differences between a PVC stretch ceiling and a polyester stretch ceiling:

  • Color
    A standard pvc stretch ceiling has a glossy color, a standard polyester stretch ceiling is matte and very similar to a perfectly plastered (gyproc) ceiling but without its drawbacks. Of course, a stretch ceiling is also available in colors, prints, lighting and numerous other finishes.
  • Seams
    A PVC stretch ceiling or wall is usually sealed every three meters, creating very thin (barely noticeable) seams. A polyester stretch ceiling usually has a much larger surface area, which also means that there are far fewer seams.
  • The stability
    PVC stretch ceilings and walls are less stable than polyester stretch ceilings. This means that there is a greater chance of tearing with a pvc stretch ceiling than with a polyester stretch ceiling. Pendant lights and spotlights are also easier to install with a polyester stretch ceiling. It is easier to make holes for the lamps and spotlights.

Installing a stretch ceiling is not a simple process and requires experience and expertise. So when you are considering having a stretch ceiling or stretch wall installed, it is best to leave it to the professionals. 

However, it doesn't hurt to become more familiar with the process. In this article, we will provide some more information on how we install a stretch ceiling and, of course, some stretch ceiling benefits.

  • The installation of the structure itself is performed without the need to repair the existing ceiling surface.

This is especially a good solution for people who want to change the look of their ceiling without repairing the existing ceiling. 

  • The installation of a standard stretch ceiling with an area of 40m2 takes no more than 1 day.

This way, you don't have to have workmen on the floor all the time anymore! BINT® is in and out before you know it! In just 1 day, we can transform the appearance of your spaces with a stretch ceiling or stretch wall.

  • Heat and sound insulation thanks to the air cushion (height from 3 cm) between the ceiling and the fabric.

Due to the small space between the original ceiling and the new stretch ceiling, you have therefore made the space distinctly smaller, which means that the heat is better retained in the room. BINT® provides you with the best advice and tips, be sure to contact us for all your questions and concerns. 

  • A variety of colors and types of ceiling surfaces (matte, satin, gloss, mirror, etc.)

Which makes it possible to implement the most daring design solutions, for example, the creation of arches, tents, arches, multi-tier ceilings, ceilings with printed images. In addition, the design of stretch ceilings allows to hide any technological elements (ventilation, wires and cables).

  • The lifespan of the ceiling structure is very long.

BINT® offers a 10-year warranty for the established stretch ceiling.

  • Certified stretch ceilings are fire safe and not harmful to human health.
  • The material of stretch ceilings is mechanically strong.
  • A stretch ceiling can be used in the temperature range from -50 ° to + 50 ° C.
  • Polyester stretch ceilings always remain tightly tensioned and are not affected by temperature changes in the room environment.
  • The ceilings can be easily disassembled and reinstalled without loss of operational and aesthetic properties.
  • Compared to the traditional types of ceilings, the installation of stretch ceilings in rooms with more corners requires specific knowledge and equipment, so it is not easy to install them yourself.
  • A stretch ceiling is very durable and can last for a whole generation in your interior, however, this does not mean that it is resistant to punctures. No sharp objects should be allowed near a stretch ceiling. 
  • Suspended ceilings are attached along the entire perimeter of the room, so it is important to measure the perimeter correctly and choose the carcass. If the perimeter is measured incorrectly, the stretch ceiling may not produce the desired results.

PVC Stretch Ceiling

The pvc stretch ceiling is also called warm stretch ceiling. This name has everything to do with the method by which the PVC fabric is stretched. In this method, the PVC fabric is first applied (loosely) and then stretched. The tension is achieved using a heat gun. The heat gun heats the PVC fabric to up to sixty degrees Celsius.

Since a stretch ceiling made of polyester is up to 90% better for the environment, we only install polyester stretch ceilings and walls.

  • A variety of options available in different shapes, color combinations. it also offers the option to apply 3D shapes in your rooms (on your ceiling or on your walls).
  • Offers both a glossy shiny and a matte finish, however, it is more known for its glossy finish.
  • The installation can only be performed with a special heat gun and is difficult to perform in a room where the temperature is not optimal for the installation of a PVC stretch ceiling.
  • One of a pvc stretch ceiling disadvantages is that it is sensitive to temperature changes.

Polyester Stretch Ceiling

A polyester stretch ceiling or wall is also called a cold stretch ceiling. A polyester stretch ceiling is installed at room temperature. Therefore, you do not need to heat the room. The fabric of a polyester stretch ceiling is stretched from the center to the sides using special tensioning material and profiles.

  • No heat is required to install a stretch ceiling.
  • No furniture needs to be removed from the room to install a polyester stretch ceiling.
  • A polyester stretch ceiling offers many options such as printing, a backlit system, LED strips integrated and various other lighting.
  • A polyester stretch ceiling or stretch wall can be installed in practically. a day.
  • Polyester stretch ceilings are environmentally friendly.
  • One of a polyester stretch ceiling disadvantages is that it will not be able to "trap" as much water (in case of a water leak under the stretch ceiling, for example) as a PVC stretch ceiling.

Stretch ceiling maintenance

A polyester stretch ceiling from TENSION® is specially treated with a PU coating, making them low maintenance. This treatment has many other advantages, including: moisture- and mold-repellent, anti-static, UV-resistant and especially durable. In addition, our stretch ceilings meet the strictest fire standards and are available in unlimited colors and finishes.

No, the material used by BINT® is antistatic and therefore does not attract dust.

You can prevent damage, such as tearing, by adhering to the tips below:

  • Never use abrasives.
  • Never use boiling water.
  • No vacuum cleaners.
  • Never use sharp objects near it.
  • Avoid too much pressure.

Maintaining a stretch ceiling is not too difficult and gives it a new, fresh look.

A stretch ceiling or wall installed by a specialized installer cannot sag over time.

Stretch Ceiling Installation

1 Preparation of the room

The room does not need to be completely cleared. You may have to make a little room, but otherwise there is no preparation for the room needed so that we install a stretch ceiling. We can begin the installation more or less immediately!

2 Laser is set out

First we take measurements of the room. Installing a stretch ceiling requires accuracy and expertise. It is very important that the measurements are taken correctly and accurately. Therefore, it is best to leave this to experts. The laser deployed will help the installers to determine where to place the profiles and to install them correctly and straight.

3 Placement of profiles to lower the ceiling

After the room is measured and the laser is put out, profiles are placed on the ceiling, which lowers the ceiling.

4 Preparations are made to attach lighting fixtures and other techniques later

Light fixtures and other systems such as smoke detectors, speakers, ventilation systems and others are attached to the old ceiling to create a seamless finish when the new ceiling is installed. All of these systems and their associated cables are neatly concealed behind the stretch ceiling. If maintenance ever needs to be done, it can easily be opened up (by us) and put back in place before you know it.

5 Placing the stretch ceiling in the profiles

Next, the stretch ceiling will be attached to the frame. This requires precision and expertise.

6 Lights and other techniques are placed

All lighting fixtures and other techniques are then placed and connected to the electricity.

No matter how cracked or worn your old ceiling is, installing a stretch ceiling will completely eliminate it. In no time, you will have a smooth stretch ceiling with a perfect finish in place. It depends of course on the surface, but it is almost always possible to completely install and finish a stretch ceiling within one or two days.

No! The installation of a stretch ceiling or wall does not require any modification of the existing ceiling. It is installed quickly and easily without the need to sand or level the existing surface, as we cover it completely.

Stretch ceilings and walls are installed in the final stages of your renovation, regardless of whether you use it as a full ceiling or as a decorative wall covering.

All existing lighting fixtures can be reinstalled in our TENSION® stretch ceiling and print walls after installation. Lights, including hanging chandeliers, ventilation systems, sprinklers, cameras and speakers are securely attached to the frame through the stretch ceiling or wall.

Stretch Ceiling Finishes

A PVC stretch ceiling cannot be painted over while a polyester stretch ceiling can. In practice, however, it is rare for a stretch ceiling to be painted over. Stretch ceilings themselves are available in many different colors, prints and designs. A stretch ceiling is in fact a finished product and once it is installed nothing more needs to be done.

Handy right? 

It doesn't matter how old and worn the original ceiling is. By installing a stretch ceiling you will no longer see anything. In terms of finish, the stretch ceiling looks completely like a new and professionally plastered ceiling, with the old ceiling completely concealed. The fact that most suppliers offer a 10 to 15 year warranty on a stretch ceiling says enough about its quality.

If you have pipes and cables running under the ceiling, you can easily hide them under the stretch ceiling. An additional advantage is that you can easily access them again in case of a malfunction or something similar. The most convenient way is to run the cables through a tube. You then only need to loosen the cloth in a small corner to access the cables if necessary.

If you have a ceiling with a width of 5.10 meters or less, there are never any seams visible. If you have a wider ceiling, you will see one or more seams, but they are so thin that they are hardly noticeable to the naked eye.

A stretch ceiling made of polyester remains perfectly stretched, regardless of temperature or temperature fluctuations. This applies both in winter and in summer.

A stretch ceiling or wall installed by a specialized installer cannot sag over time.

Stretch Ceiling Cost

  • Material of the stretch ceiling or stretch wall (anti-bacterial, printed, acoustic with acoustic options, translucent, etc.)
  • Surface of the stretch ceiling or stretch wall
  • Choice of lighting
  • Chosen color of the stretch ceiling or stretch wall
  • Degree of difficulty in installing a stretch ceiling or stretch wall (such as arches, beams, etc.)

The price of a stretch ceiling varies and depends greatly on the type of stretch ceiling you choose for your home or commercial space. A standard stretch ceiling or stretch wall starts from €75, of course the effective price of a stretch ceiling or stretch wall depends on many factors.

It depends, of course, on exactly how much damage the old ceiling has, but if this old ceiling needs plastering, it will cost quite a bit to renovate. For this amount you can easily have a standard Tension® Essentials stretch ceiling installed, which is also much faster than renovating the old ceiling.

The price for a polyester stretch ceiling starts from 75 euros per square meter, for a complete finishing of your ceiling. A plastered or gyproc ceiling usually costs 45 euros per square meter. However, with a plastered or plasterboard ceiling you are not finished after placing the plaster. They must then always be finished with additional plastering and painting. The total price per square meter can easily amount to between 100 euros and 135 euros.

We come along to think with you and measure everything. at a safe distance and with the right protection. We stand for a personal approach and a quote is always free. More than that: if you choose to have a stretch ceiling installed by us, we will draw up a free lighting plan, so that your space will have the most optimal lighting.

Stretch Ceiling Safety

Stretch ceilings and walls made of PVC are, by their very nature, not recyclable. However, stretch ceilings and walls made of polyester are 90% recyclable and therefore much more environmentally friendly.

A stretch ceiling is a durable product. The warranty that our manufacturer gives on a stretch ceiling is fifteen years. So a stretch ceiling will last at least that long. With normal use, you can easily add many more years.

We use only stretch ceiling materials produced by our European manufacturer. The material used by BINT® complies with strict regulations concerning health and fire safety. Our stretch ceilings and walls of Tension® are provided with a fireproof coating, so that it can never catch fire, but only pulverize.

In recent years, environmental aspects have become more and more important in our society, so many people think it is important that the products they buy can be completely reused in order to reduce the impact on the environment. Unfortunately, we have to conclude that a PVC stretch ceiling is not recyclable due to its composition. This can be solved to a large extent by purchasing a stretch ceiling made of polyester. These are 90% recyclable.

Stretch Ceiling Insulation

Generally speaking, yes! However, the strength of the insulation depends on several factors. By investing in an easy-to-install stretch ceiling (usually in less than a day), you will also improve your insulation, potentially saving you money on heating. Contact us for more information about your specific situation and needs.

A stretch ceiling is completely airtight. This means that the warm air under the stretch ceiling continues to circulate. In other words, there is hardly any loss. And that is very beneficial for your energy bill. Lowering your ceiling with a stretch ceiling is a good way to drastically reduce the area that needs to be heated.
In addition, the stretch ceiling in combination with the space between the stretch ceiling and the original ceiling also has a certain insulating value, but this is small. Much depends on the insulation material used in the roof.

Yes, acoustic stretch walls and stretch ceilings have been on the rise for a while now. Acoustic stretch ceilings and stretch walls have become a must in all types of spaces. They are not only used in radio stations and studios, but also in living rooms, hospitals, schools, restaurants, offices and many other spaces!

Acoustic stretch ceilings or acoustic stretch walls contribute to the acoustic insulation of any space whether it is for a clothing store, dental office or your living room. An acoustic stretch ceiling or wall can be installed anywhere and can improve your daily life.

Another advantage of stretch ceilings is that you can significantly improve the acoustics in a room. For example, if voices are echoing, or you have to turn the TV up or down, or you hear an annoying reverberation, you can optimize this by having a Tension® Whisper stretch ceiling or stretch walls installed. This is a special type of stretch ceiling or wall that absorbs and dampens annoying sounds. This improves the acoustics in the room considerably and increases the living environment in the room to a great extent.

Print Wall

With the new technologies of digital printing, it is now possible to have all kinds of photos, images, texts, drawings and art on your walls or ceiling using a print wall. Now you can personalize any space with a printed stretch ceiling or print wall that completely changes the look of your interior. Printed walls and printed stretch ceilings have become an essential decorative element to create an original space.

No more limitations in your interior design with a TENSION®  Vivid print wall!

Of course. You can have many types of lighting integrated into your print wall. Create a wow effect and have lighting installed behind your print wall. Would you like more information about this? Contact us for a free estimate!

That's the beauty of a print wall, it is suitable for any type of interior in any room. Use it in your living room or bedroom for added flair. Do you have a business and need to breathe some life into it? Print your logo or slogan on a print wall and have it completely match your company's identity! The possibilities are endless with a TENSION® Vivid print wall from BINT®. Request a free estimate today and discover the world of color.

This depends on what you want printed and the types of lighting you want to combine with your print wall. Generally, the price starts from €75/m2.

Please contact us for more detailed pricing or more information and advice.


Just like a normal ceiling, you can install lighting in a stretch ceiling. To do this, holes are made in the stretch ceiling, without the risk of tearing. One of the other advantages of a stretch ceiling is that you can also work with light effects. In this case, the lighting is installed between the existing ceiling and the stretch ceiling itself.

In addition to hiding tears or cracks in an old ceiling, a stretch ceiling is an excellent way to change the lighting in a room and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Stretch ceilings offer a wide choice of colors and finishes, so you can create stylish renovations and stunning lighting effects. With or without a light transmissive fabric, stretch ceilings allow for the integration of any lighting source, whether LED or other. Since stretch ceilings are also available in different finishes, it is possible to obtain daylight or ambient lighting effects.

Stretch ceiling with background lighting

For an illuminated stretch ceiling, we place light sources between the original ceiling and the stretch ceiling. This allows the light to pass through the ceiling. Because there are no pendant lights or hanging recessed lights, the room looks larger. If you choose a dimmer switch, you can adjust the brightness at any time. By installing LED lights in different colors, you can vary the mood of the room. The sky is the limit!

Light points

It is possible to attach the lamp of your choice to the stretch ceiling. In this case, we first mount a substructure, to which we then attach your lamp. This process is possible for any type of lamp.

Recessed lighting

By choosing recessed lights, there is no light hanging from the ceiling, which gives a sleek look. There are also low-profile options, but recessed LED spotlights are the most popular. We are happy to advise you to ensure a safe installation.

Flexible LED strips

Flexible LED strips can be installed on the side of the stretch ceiling and are ideal for creating indirect lighting. They are ideal for mood lighting in bedrooms and living rooms, as well as in humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. On the other hand, they are also suitable for hallways where there is no need for direct lighting, but where enough light is needed to walk around safely. With this indirect light source, it is possible to create a special atmosphere in many ways

Of course! Create an extraordinary environment in your space with a backlit system. Another name for this is a printed light box.

Install stretch ceiling or print wall in my home

Installing a stretch wall or stretch ceiling in your home is very convenient because it can be placed in almost any room. From the ceiling in the living room to the smallest corners in the hallway!

Keuken renovatie voor en na spanplafond

Install stretch ceiling or print wall in my business or office

The endless possibilities offered by a stretch ceiling mean that you can personalize it to the style of your business and have it reflect your personality! Choose a luminous ceiling or print wall for your office or store!

spanplafond spanwand frameview in de showroom van een moderne kledingwinkel spanplafond prijs