BINT® offers a wide range of stretch ceiling and wall options, from the classic masterpieces to the trendiest novelties.


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A showroom is the heart of any commercial business.

The overall look and feel of your showroom determines the success of your business. With our exceptional stretch ceiling, walls and (light) panels, we build creative spaces that connect your customers with your brand. An inviting showroom will lead to more visitors and more sales. Our stretch ceiling and walls are unlimited in colors and finishes. Moisture and mold resistant, low maintenance, anti-static, UV resistant, durable and meet the most stringent fire standards.

Whether it’s a luminous ceiling, print on the wall or a complex lighting system, we bring your imagination to life. As a result of our personal approach and innovative stretch ceiling and print wall solutions, we work directly for individuals worldwide, as well as with architects, designers and building developers for both residential and commercial projects.

Innovation, expertise and creativity.


No demolition

We don’t have to demolish anything and your furniture just stays put. Our professionals are in and out again before you know it.

Installed quickly

We install 40m2 in 1 day. Including built-in spotlights. This saves you a lot of hours of work compared to, for example, a plasterboard ceiling.

Endless variations

There are stretch ceilings and walls for every style. From rustic to extravagant, from colorful to sober: yes we can! With the lighting or print of your choice.


Our polyester stretch ceilings are anti-static and therefore low-maintenance. They are also UV-resistant. They are dust-resistant.

Sound absorbing

We use micro-perforated fabrics and add an extra, special layer of acoustic wool for optimal sound absorption.

Personal approach

We work directly for individuals, but also with companies for both residential and commercial projects.

Bring your store to life!

Stretch ceilings from BINT® also offer a unique opportunity to print photographs on the polyester for unique and custom applications. There is no limit to what can be printed on a stretch ceiling or stretch wall. From a full color image to a very simple design in any color or finish. The translucent finish is often used for printing an image. With a bright white or a color variant lighting (RGB), the original printed image gets a unique look.

In addition, the matte white finish is also used for a print since the polyester acts as a background.