Stretch ceiling lighting integration

Just like a normal ceiling, you can install lighting on a stretch ceiling. There are many more ways to illuminate a stretch ceiling than is possible with a classic ceiling. We will gladly list the different possibilities and let you be inspired.

What type of lighting for your stretch ceiling?

With the latest technology, you can apply the same type of lighting to your stretch ceiling as you would to a classic ceiling. With a stretch ceiling, you even have multiple options, so you can let your imagination run free.

Stretch ceilings are also available in different degrees of light transmission. The choice of light transmission will affect the mood of your lighting, especially if you choose to have lighting under the polyester fabric. 

A light plan is essential

Good lighting is essential to create a cozy interior. Moreover, it will prevent many problems if you quickly think of a light plan.

A good light plan takes into account various factors, such as light exposure, function and the furniture present. In this way, the room quickly becomes a beautiful, harmonious space. This way you are guaranteed to get the best out of your home.

Each space is mapped out using a plan. We map out the functionality of the various zones in the space. Just like the atmosphere. Then we determine which type of lighting is most suitable. Warm light, cold light or a combination of both to achieve the right light color. What the options are such as a dimmer. The energy consumption of your lighting in combination with its function is also an important factor.

Then we combine it with a suitable fixture. For example, pendant, recessed lighting, indirect lighting, mood lighting or others. And this in harmony with your interior, personal taste & style and budget. After approval of the plan we also take care of the installation of your lighting. So you only need 1 contact person to ideally lighten your spaces.

Lighting options for stretch ceilings

As a result of our personal approach and innovative stretch ceiling and print wall solutions, we work directly for individuals worldwide, as well as with architects, designers and building developers for both residential and commercial projects.

Recessed stretch ceiling spots
inbouwspots spanplafond
Stretch ceiling mounted spotlights
opbouwspots spanplafond.jpg
Suspended or pendant lighting
spanplafond pendelverlichting
Lighting behind the fabric
spanplafond lumina met LED verlichting in een zeer modern kantoor

Led lighting stretch ceiling

Lighting in a room is underestimated, since it largely determines the atmosphere in your home. Our professionals can advise you in creating a light plan that suits you. At BINT®, we have many options for this.

BINT is an expert in the design and installation of stretch ceilings and stretch walls for both residential and commercial projects.