A standard stretch ceiling or stretch wall from Tension® Essentials can be flexibly integrated into every type of space.


witte spanplafond met railverlichting in moderne showroom

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

TENSION® ESSENTIALS consists of a large canvas made of 100% polyester. This product line is very easy and quick to install.

It is easily adapted to the specific needs, characteristics and desires of each space and offers a solution that meets your expectations. TENSION® Essentials offers the possibility of being creative with shapes to create a unique atmosphere in any space.

Unlimited colors and finishes. Prevents the accumulation of moisture and mold, is low maintenance, anti-static, UV resistant, durable and meet the strictest fire standards.


No demolition

We don’t have to demolish anything and your furniture just stays put. Our professionals are in and out again before you know it.

Installed quickly

We install 40m2 in 1 day. Including built-in spotlights. This saves you a lot of hours of work compared to, for example, a plasterboard ceiling.

Endless variations

There are stretch ceilings and walls for every style. From rustic to extravagant, from colorful to sober: yes we can! With the lighting or print of your choice.


Our polyester stretch ceilings are anti-static and therefore low-maintenance. They are also UV-resistant. They are dust-resistant.

Sound absorbing

We use micro-perforated fabrics and add an extra, special layer of acoustic wool for optimal sound absorption.

Personal approach

We work directly for individuals, but also with companies for both residential and commercial projects.

Why choose a stretch ceiling

Is your ceiling in need of replacement, but you don’t want to do any demolition work? Do the acoustics in your home or office leave much to be desired? Or are you looking for an easy and efficient way to hide your piping? A stretch ceiling is the most flexible renovation technique available. But also for new construction projects, stretch ceilings can be installed perfectly under the rough concrete structure. No need for plaster walls and expensive plastering.

The biggest advantage of a stretch ceiling? Installation is done in one day!