Flexible integration and better insulation

Whether it is a private home or commercial property, new construction or renovation. A TENSION® stretch ceiling or print wall is suitable for any project and any space.

The polyester we use is not only amongst the widest range available on the market, but also carries all the necessary quality and safety certificates.

Polyester stretch ceilings and print walls

spanplafond met lumina verlichting led verlichting

With TENSION®’s innovative polyester stretch ceilings and walls, entirely new dimensions open up in your construction or renovation possibilities.

The system for covering walls, ceilings and panels gives a whole new definition to exclusive design of your rooms and is the modern alternative to conventional plaster, painting or other forms of ceiling and wall covering.

TENSION® is not only easy, precise and clean to install, but is also characterized by a particularly seamless result and a smooth surface. The system combines clever features that make completely new spatial architectures possible. With a wide range of colors, digital prints and shapes, we leave nothing to be desired.

moderne woonkamer met spanplafond en led verlichting spots

TENSION® Essentials

This product line is very easy and quick to install. It is easily adapted to the specific needs, characteristics and desires of each space and offers a solution that will meet your expectations.


Printed ceilings and walls have been popular in professional environments for years, but are also increasingly finding their way into private homes.

TENSION® Whisper

Acoustic moments are becoming increasingly important in interior design, since contemporary design, which should positively influence all our senses, is increasingly in demand. 


Creating perfect light distribution is a supreme discipline. With uniformly illuminated TENSION® LUMINA walls, panels and ceilings, made of specially developed polyester, a luminous connection between function and aesthetics is established.


Your walls or ceilings as a projection surface for home cinema systems, company presentations or spectacular light shows? Smooth and unblemished, it allows you to project light shows, images, landscapes, photos, texts and movies.

TENSION® FrameView

Using a TENSION® Frameview in a commercial environment increases the credibility of your brand, services or products. It is a unique way to build trust with prospects and customers.

TENSION® Sterile

Hospitals, medical practices, daycare centers, public schools and places require innovative and hygienic solutions. TENSION® Sterile stretch ceiling and print walls are resistant to growth of mold and bacteria and are low maintenance. 


Are you tired of your old ceiling? Do you want a completely new ceiling but are the construction costs too high? Do you want a solution that requires no lengthy work, no dust, no demolition? Or maybe you want to save some money on your energy bill? Well then a stretch ceiling is the answer!