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As a result of our personal approach and innovative stretch ceiling and print wall solutions, we work directly for individuals worldwide, as well as with architects, designers and building developers for both residential and commercial projects.

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Our personal approach remains the same. We’ll come by to think and measure with you.
At a safe distance. With the right protection.

S. Blomme Sint Lievens Houtem

We had a visit from your staff. They did a very nice job and the interaction was very pleasant.

J. Swinnen Bredene

Fantastic job done. In the future, I will definitely be working with BINT to renovate our two practices.

Paul en Martine Oostakker

Very pleased here with our stretch ceiling with spotlights. It has never been so bright in our bedroom!

    Stretch ceiling and stretch wall projects

    From a sleek stretch ceiling in the living room to a digitally printed print wall for hotels, restaurants, showrooms or offices. Time after time, we combine our expertise and craftsmanship with innovative technology.