An acoustic stretch ceiling or stretch wall from Tension® Whisper optimizes the sound experience in large and small spaces.

TENSION® Whisper

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Inner peace with an acoustic stretch ceiling.

Silence is the sound of inner peace. An acoustic stretch ceiling is becoming increasingly important in interior design, since contemporary design, which should positively influence all our senses, is increasingly in demand. Optimal acoustics improve living comfort.

An acoustic stretch ceiling or stretch wall from TENSION® Whisper is omnivalent. On the one hand, the acoustic stretch ceiling harmonizes the sound of the room and on the other hand, an acoustic stretch ceiling is visually convincing.

An acoustic stretch ceiling or stretch wall is available in bright colors and detailed prints. This particular application of an acoustic stretch ceiling or stretch wall can be a decorative element for walls, ceilings or partition walls.

View our projects and find inspiration in our acoustic stretch ceiling and stretch wall installations.

Acoustic stretch ceiling

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An acoustic stretch ceiling or stretch wall

  • What do we mean by acoustics with an acoustic stretch ceiling ?

Acoustics is the science that deals with sound. Sound consists of vibrations produced by a medium. In most cases, this is air. Acoustics has several practical applications.

  • Installing an acoustic stretch ceiling? Then you should know that acoustics vary from room to room.

The term acoustics also refers to the influence that a room has on sound and the reverberation of sound. For example, one can say that “this room has poor acoustics”. This means that the characteristics of the room do not correspond to its use. For example, the requirements for a concert hall are different from those for a lecture hall.

  • Factors that affect acoustics and are important when choosing thickness of your acoustic stretch ceiling.

The acoustics in a room depend on absorption and reverberation of sound through walls or props and the size of the room.

  • The unpleasant resonance or reverberation that will be remedied by an acoustic stretch ceiling.

Reverberation occurs due to a smooth and hard finish. When sound is being reflected a lot, it takes a while for the sound to die out. This is called reverberation and can be calculated or measured. If one claps in an empty church, one hears that the reverberation lasts for a few seconds. In a 10 × 10 m concrete bunker, one can barely understand each other because of the reverberation.

  • Does an acoustic stretch ceiling improve the acoustics ?

Absorbing the reverberation is only possible by installing an acoustic stretch ceiling or stretch wall. An acoustic stretch ceiling or stretch wall is always an improvement on the acoustics in a room because of its base material. But by adding acoustic wool, available in different thicknesses, behind the acoustic stretch ceiling or stretch wall, you provide a compete absorption of sound. The result is absolute tranquility. No more reverberation or “echo sounds”. 

Want to know more about how acoustic stretch ceiling or stretch wall can help you ? Then read our blog post on how to improve acoustic insulation with a stretch ceiling or stretch wall or also check out an interesting article on wikipedia.

Acoustic ceiling - Sound insulation ceiling

Where several people live or work together under the same roof, noise pollution quickly occurs. Would you like to improve the acoustics in a room? If so, we at BINT® have a good solution: an acoustic stretch ceiling. Stretch ceilings are sound-absorbing on their own, but an acoustic stretch ceiling is a special design that has an extra sound-absorbing effect.

BINT® is an expert in the design and installation of acoustic stretch ceilings and stretch walls for both residential and commercial projects.


No demolition

We don’t have to demolish anything and your furniture just stays put. Our professionals are in and out again before you know it.

Installed quickly

We install 40m2 in 1 day. Including built-in spotlights. This saves you a lot of hours of work compared to, for example, a plasterboard ceiling.

Endless variations

There are stretch ceilings and walls for every style. From rustic to extravagant, from colorful to sober: yes we can! With the lighting or print of your choice.


Our polyester stretch ceilings are anti-static and therefore low-maintenance. They are also UV-resistant. They are dust-resistant.

Sound absorbing

We use micro-perforated fabrics and add an extra, special layer of acoustic wool for optimal sound absorption.

Personal approach

We work directly for individuals, but also with companies for both residential and commercial projects.